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Standard Business Calculator

It’s simple but very useful calculator for business & casual calculations.

Standard business calculator is very useful calculator with easy and simple design which makes it user friendly, and the reason of its popularity is the functions of this calculator which are same as Casio® calculators models for example, Casio HS 8va, Casio GX-120B, JS-20Wk, cannon Ls-555H and HP models.

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Modern Scientific Calculator

Turn your phone into the Modern Scientific Calculator when you need it.

Modern Scientific Calculator is the best calculator with natural display for high school and university students. No need to take calculator in a pocket all the time. Best of all, you’ll never lose your scientific calculator when you need it.

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CNIC & ID Card Cross Marker

Want to protect your ID card or CNIC and many more from unauthorized use?

Want to protect your ID card or CNIC, business cards, passport cards, employee cards, driving license cards, smart cards and many more from unauthorized use? Want to cross mark it for protection? Cross mark your images, right from your phone. Create and Apply fully customizable cross marks.

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Pakistani Currency Information

Identify Pakistani currency information.

Pakistani Currency Information is a genuine way to check the real or fake Pakistani currency, increase your knowledge of Pakistani Currency notes of PKR Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.5000 notes. It's a complete guideline to understand the Pakistani Currency notes for everyone.

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Night Clock: Digital & Analog

Night Clock : Digital & Analog, customize Clock with multiple features.

Night clock is a Smart and Advance clock which is work as Screen Saver and Live Wallpaper application for mobile phone contains cool features like set alarm see Mobile clock time with Night watch at Night Time without open mobile lock with Night Clock: Digital & Analog Screen Saver feature. Turns your android into a beautiful digital clock and alarm clock for free.